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Founded in 1995, SHA is a locally owned and operated employment agency providing staffing solutions and employment opportunities.

We place professionals on a Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Contract and Permanent basis in the fields of Office Administration, Banking, Accounting & Finance, Healthcare, Legal and Information Technology.

Our Mission
To assist the unemployed and the under-employed in fulfilling their professional and personal goals by providing employment, skill advancement opportunities, and ongoing support.

Our Standards
If we would not hire a candidate to work in our office, we will not send them to yours.

If we wouldn t ask our family member to work with ABC Company, we will not ask yours.

We Believe In...

Providing unmatched service.

Conducting every transaction with integrity.

Making an investment in our employees.

Advertising only authentic job openings.

Filling only job orders that we know will be successful.

In-depth background screenings.

Skill assessments.

Since 1995...
We have assisted both corporate clients and applicants for employment. Both of these distinctive sets of clients receive individualized attention to assure successful placements.

The Result...
80% of our corporate clients and 50% of our applicants have come to us through personal referrals.

About Our Clients
We have two distinct sets of clients.

Corporate Clients

Candidates for Employment

We help our Corporate Clients discover and tap into top talent when needed. 

We offer well vetted candidates who have completed an  in person interview.


We offer our Candidates an opportunity to use  temping and  contract work as a bridge to permanent employment.

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Form W4 (2013)

Ohio Tax WH Form

Employees Policies & Procedures

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